Genrikh Sapgir


Psalom 136

(to Ovsey Driz)


1. On the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept
- O nori-nora
- O nori-nora ruolo!
- Jude! Jude, sing, sing! More gayly!
laughed our captors
- Er sangt wie die einige Nachtigal
- Veyli bashar! Veyli bayon!
- Jude, Jude, dance, dance! Hop - hop!

2. They stood with their hands folded on their guns
- Oh Jahweh!
their dogs - killers looked at us with curiosity
O leyvi baaram batsy Zion
in a foregn land!

3. Greasy soot of our children
settled on our faces
and we departed through the crematorium's chimney
in smoke - into the sky

4. Oh Lord, remember to the sons of Edom
the Day of Jerusalem
When they said
- Zerstören! Order N 125
- Vernichten! Order N 126
- Vernichten! Order N 127

5. The daughters of Babylon walked between us
their laquered boots creaking -
like 6-month old lambs
with German shepherds on leashes
- O nori-nora! ruolo!
Whip! Whip! -

6. Blessed in the Man who would take your babes
and smash them on a stone.





Translation: Roman Turovsky-Savchuk 2/9/2009