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leaf "KALEVLAINEN SÄVELMA" -PDF, MP3 (Tuomas Rauramaa LIVE, 13course Baroque Lute)



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You may freely use this music for either public performance or private enjoyment. You may distribute these scores to others free of charge, but you may NOT sell this material under any circunstances.

leaf Works by Sautscheck family composers are available at OPUS-1 page.

leaf Works by many other composers are available at OPUS-2 page.

leaf All arias, songs and lieder are available at the LIEDER page.

leaf The facsimiles are at the FACSIMILE page.

leaf All the TOMBEAUX are now available at an omonymous page.

leaf All the Passacaglias and Chaconnes are found in the OSTINATO page.

leaf The GUIDE to reading TABULATURE, for those unfamiliar with the tuning system of Baroque Lutes may be found HERE...


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