"Un Hommage a Karavajchuk"

LAST UPDATE: May 9, 2005


Oleg Karavajchuk (or Karavaychuk) is a Composer of 17 Symphonies, innumerable Chamber Music, Songs, and Incidental music for more than 200 films. He is a Ukrainian, living in St. Petersburg, a superb pianist and improviser, with a keen interest for Early Music. He is also a veritable madman, weirdo, outsider an excentric, for lack of an appropriate term, not least because he is a Cult Figure with a large following, who elicits deep respect from other composers. He plays while prostrate under the piano, covering his face with a pillowcase in order not to see the audience, and in one of his interviews he said that he doesn't consider the piano to be a keyboard instrument.

On top of this he is an extraordinarily ugly. And he often appeared as an actor in the Classic films for which he supplied the music. And this is how I "met" him when I was 12, in a great 1966 film "The City of Artisans", a neomedieval fairytale that my own children love now.

One of the songs from this film, often sang by one of my sons in recent months has inspired me to write a small Sautscheck tribute for this man, whose main characteristic is an incredible speed at which he still moves. He is now believed to be ca. 75-80 years old...


BADINERIE EN RONDO: Hommage a Karavajchuk



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