In Memoriam David Samoylov (1920-1990)


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I grew up in accordance with time.
In my childhood I was a child.
In my youth a youth.
In adulthood an adult.

Thus, during the thirties
I loved the thirties,
And in the forties
I loved the forties.

And when according to the law of nature
the time started to denote
a descent from the hill,
I didn't begin to hate it,
but to understand.

In the sixties
I understood the sixties.
And now I understand
all that happens,
and what shall happen
as a result of what is happening.

And I know what will happen to me,
when there comes a time that would belong to someone else.
And I have no fear.




David Samoylov (ca. 1990)
Translated by Roman Turovsky (ca.2003)