Here sways a tree: - Farewell! -
There a house calls out: - Stranger, stay! -
The road leads forth: - Mount me, walk
on my weathered skin, stomp me with your heel,
Don't trust these houses calling you to settle down.
Trust in the tree and trust in me.
The house calls: - Stay! -
Its yellow door whistles like a titmouse.
The tree repeats: - Do not look back.
Walk on, walk on.
The road cries:
- Stomp me with your heel, cut me with the sole.
I'm full of dust, but I lead to God! -
Where there is dust, there is God.
Where there is God, there is spirit and ashes.
I live not by spirit, but by temptation.
I live, swaying, in two worlds
In my bleak struggle.
And the tree again: - Leave! Now!,
Don't dawdle like a tiresome lover! -
The road cries: - Don't torment me!
Leave here, on foot, on horseback. -
And the panes of the house weep tears.
The tree again bows to me.
I stand here, vines of passions wind over me.
The road, the tree, the house.


Transl: Roman Turovsky

4/8/2007 (Original puncuation preserved)